In the Name of Confucius

0 hr. 52 min. | Rated E |

Starring: Sonia Zhao, Anastasia Lin, Chris Bolton, Michel Juneau-Katsuya, David Matas

Award-winning documentary In the Name of Confucius is the first film exposing the growing global controversies surrounding the Chinese government’s multi-billion dollar Confucius Institute (CI)—a loss of academic integrity, violations to human rights codes, foreign influence, and even potential infringements on national security.
There are Confucius Institutes in 4 New Zealand universities and 30 Confucius Classrooms in New Zealand schools.
In the Name of Confucius has won 10 international awards and nominations, and seen highly successful screenings in America, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, Taiwan, Spain, South Africa, and Germany. It also had two engaging screenings and panel discussion in Sydney and Canberra, Australia in June, 2018.
Audiences described the film as an eye-opener to a hidden truth and a timely reminder of an important issue—how we should deal with the unintended outcomes of our strengthening ties with a rising Communist China, as Beijing spends an estimated $10-billion annually on “external propaganda”, including the Confucius Institute initiative.
“Everyone involved in China policy and education policy should watch.”
Doris Liu – Producer, Director, Writer of In the Name of Confucius
Doris Liu is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist based in Toronto, Canada. As a Chinese immigrant, her passion is to tell compelling China stories that are rarely seen, yet essential for the world to understand its relationship with China.
A former video journalist, Doris won the award for the Best Multicultural TV Story for her insightful coverage of high-profile hate crimes against Asian anglers.

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