Farewell to the Night (L'adieu a la nuit)

1 hr. 44 min. | Rated M |

Starring: Catherine Deneuve, Oulaya Amamra, Kamel Labroudi, Kacey Mottet Klein, Stéphane Bak

The fearless drama Farewell to the Night combines the talents of two of the biggest names in French cinema, acclaimed director André Téchiné and his long-term partner and iconic actress Catherine Deneuve . Through an intimate lens, Téchiné looks deeply into the personal experiences behind the headlines, with an unflinching exploration of a woman called Muriel played by superstar Catherine Deneuve. Muriel works hard running her cherry farm and horse-riding school, earning a coveted place in the loving local community where life seems idyllic. With the arrival of Muriel’s grandson, however, things are turned upside-down. Alex has been radicalised by his girlfriend, and plans to fight for ISIS in Syria, leaving Muriel grappling with what to do.

In Farewell to the Night, Téchiné and Deneuve strike a non judgemental tone, sincerely ruminating the difficult decisions that Muriel faces. A thoughtful, humane exploration of a challenging and topical subject, Farewell to the Night is a powerful reminder that the personal and the political are often inextricably entwined.

French and Arabic with English subtitles.


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