Lido Cinema Hamilton Session Times


M (Violence & offensive language) - 1hr 46mins

Mon 21 Aug:  11:10am, 8:20pm
Tue 22 Aug:  11:10am, 1:20pm, 8:10pm
Wed 23 Aug:  11:10am, 1:20pm, 6:15pm


PG (Coarse language & sexual references) - 1hr 43mins

Mon 21 Aug:  10:40am, 5:45pm
Tue 22 Aug:  10:40am, 5:45pm
Wed 23 Aug:  10:40am, 5:40pm

Logan Lucky

M (Offensive Language) - 1hr 59mins

Mon 21 Aug:  12:50pm, 3:15pm, 7:55pm
Tue 22 Aug:  12:50pm, 3:15pm, 7:55pm
Wed 23 Aug:  12:50pm, 3:15pm, 8:25pm

My Year with Helen

E - 1hr 33mins

Fri 15 Sep:  6:00pm

The Big Sick

M (Offensive language & sexual references) - 2hrs

Mon 21 Aug:  1:10pm, 5:45pm
Tue 22 Aug:  1:10pm, 3:40pm, 6:05pm, 8:30pm
Wed 23 Aug:  1:45pm

The Trip to Spain

M (Offensive language) - 1hr 47mins

Mon 21 Aug:  10:55am, 3:35pm, 6:05pm
Tue 22 Aug:  10:55am, 3:30pm, 5:55pm
Wed 23 Aug:  11:30am, 5:45pm

Exhibition On Screen: Season 4; Michelangelo – Lov

E - 1hr 28mins

Wed 23 Aug:  4:00pm

Kiki, Love To Love

R18 (Sexual Violence, Sex Scenes and Offensive Language) - 1hr 42mins

Fri 1 Sep:  8:15pm
Wed 6 Sep:  4:00pm

NT Live: Angels in America Part One: Millennium Ap

TBC - 3hrs 45mins

Sun 8 Oct:  4:00pm
Mon 9 Oct:  1:30pm

NT Live: Angels in America Part Two: Perestroika

TBC - 3hrs 45mins

Sun 15 Oct:  4:00pm
Mon 16 Oct:  4:00pm

NT Live: Obsession

TBC - 2hrs

Sun 3 Sep:  6:30pm
Mon 4 Sep:  1:30pm

NT Live: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

TBC - 2hrs 49mins

Mon 21 Aug:  1:30pm

Nt Live: Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

TBC - 3hrs 30mins

Sun 24 Sep:  4:00pm
Mon 25 Sep:  1:30pm

Nziff: 100 Men

M (Offensive language and sexual themes) - 1hr 34mins

Sun 3 Sep:  8:00pm
Mon 4 Sep:  2:00pm

Nziff: 20th Century Women

M (Offensive language, nudity, drug use & sexual references) - 1hr 58mins

Wed 23 Aug:  7:45pm
Sun 27 Aug:  3:15pm
Tue 29 Aug:  11:45am

Nziff: A Date Of Mad Mary

M (Offensive language) - 1hr 22mins

Tue 5 Sep:  11:45am
Fri 8 Sep:  6:15pm
Sun 10 Sep:  4:15pm

Nziff: A Fantastic Woman

M (Violence, offensive language and sex scenes.) - 1hr 45mins

Mon 11 Sep:  4:00pm
Fri 15 Sep:  6:15pm

Nziff: A Ghost Story

M (Offensive language) - 1hr 27mins

Thu 24 Aug:  8:15pm
Tue 29 Aug:  8:15pm
Fri 1 Sep:  4:15pm

Nziff: A Monster Calls

PG (Violence & scary scenes) - 1hr 49mins

Tue 5 Sep:  6:15pm
Fri 8 Sep:  3:45pm

Nziff: A Woman's Life

M (Violence and sex scenes) - 1hr 59mins

Sun 17 Sep:  5:15pm
Mon 18 Sep:  11:30am

Nziff: An Insignificant Man

TBC - 1hr 36mins

Mon 18 Sep:  8:15pm
Wed 20 Sep:  1:45pm

Nziff: Animation For Kids 4+

TBC - 1hr 1min

Sat 2 Sep:  12:15pm

Nziff: Animation For Kids 8+

PG (Low Level Violence) - 1hr 11mins

Sun 27 Aug:  11:15am

Nziff: Big Time

TBC (English Subtitles) - 1hr 33mins

Sat 9 Sep:  12:00pm
Wed 13 Sep:  1:45pm

Nziff: Blue

PG - 1hr 16mins

Wed 6 Sep:  2:15pm
Sat 9 Sep:  2:15pm

Nziff: Born In China

G - 1hr 19mins

Sun 17 Sep:  11:15am

Nziff: Bpm (beats Per Minute)

M (Sex scenes and offensive language.) - 2hrs

Fri 25 Aug:  8:00pm
Wed 30 Aug:  3:30pm

Nziff: Brigsby Bear

M (Sex scenes, offensive language, drug use) - 2hrs

Mon 4 Sep:  4:00pm
Thu 7 Sep:  8:15pm

Nziff: Call Me By Your Name

RP13 (Sex scenes) - 2hrs 12mins

Tue 5 Sep:  3:30pm
Sat 9 Sep:  8:15pm

Nziff: Citizen Kane: Battle For The City

TBC (Colour and B&W) - 1hr 32mins

Mon 28 Aug:  6:15pm
Wed 30 Aug:  1:30pm

Nziff: Dries

TBC (In English and Dutch with English Subtitles) - 1hr 30mins

Tue 29 Aug:  2:15pm
Sun 3 Sep:  3:45pm

Nziff: Ethel & Ernest

PG (Violence) - 1hr 34mins

Wed 13 Sep:  11:45am
Sat 16 Sep:  12:00pm
Tue 19 Sep:  11:30am

Nziff: Faces Places

TBC (In French with English Subtitles) - 1hr 29mins

Sat 2 Sep:  6:15pm
Thu 7 Sep:  6:15pm
Fri 8 Sep:  11:45am

Nziff: Frantz

PG (Violence) - 1hr 54mins

Sun 27 Aug:  5:45pm
Fri 1 Sep:  11:30am

Nziff: Gabriel And The Mountain

M (Sex scenes, offensive language, drug use and content that may disturb) - 2hrs 7mins

Sat 26 Aug:  8:00pm
Thu 31 Aug:  3:30pm

Nziff: Good Time

R16 (violence, offensive language, drug use and sex scenes) - 1hr 40mins

Fri 8 Sep:  8:00pm
Tue 12 Sep:  8:15pm
Fri 15 Sep:  4:00pm

Nziff: Happy End

M (Sexual material, Violence, Offensive Language & Suicide themes) - 1hr 50mins

Sun 3 Sep:  5:45pm
Mon 4 Sep:  8:15pm
Wed 6 Sep:  12:00pm

Nziff: Heal The Living

M (Graphic medical procedures) - 1hr 43mins

Tue 12 Sep:  11:15am
Thu 14 Sep:  6:15pm

Nziff: House Of Z

TBC - 1hr 30mins

Thu 14 Sep:  2:00pm
Sun 17 Sep:  1:00pm
Tue 19 Sep:  6:15pm

Nziff: I Am Not A Witch

PG (Adult Themes) - 1hr 35mins

Mon 11 Sep:  2:00pm
Thu 14 Sep:  8:30pm

Nziff: I Am Not Your Negro

TBC - 1hr 33mins

Thu 24 Aug:  4:00pm
Sat 2 Sep:  1:45pm

Nziff: Kedi

TBC - 1hr 19mins

Sat 26 Aug:  2:00pm
Thu 31 Aug:  11:45am
Mon 4 Sep:  6:15pm

Nziff: Kim Dotcom: Caught In The Web

TBC - 1hr 52mins

Thu 31 Aug:  8:00pm
Fri 1 Sep:  2:00pm

Nziff: Kobi

TBC - 1hr 43mins

Sun 27 Aug:  1:00pm
Mon 28 Aug:  1:45pm

Nziff: Lady Macbeth

R16 (Violence, offensive language & sex scenes) - 1hr 29mins

Fri 25 Aug:  4:00pm
Sat 2 Sep:  8:15pm

Nziff: Let The Sunshine In

TBC (In French with subtitles) - 1hr 34mins

Mon 18 Sep:  6:15pm
Tue 19 Sep:  8:15pm
Wed 20 Sep:  11:45am

Nziff: Loveless

M (Sex scenes and offensive language.) - 2hrs 8mins

Sun 10 Sep:  7:45pm
Tue 12 Sep:  3:30pm

Nziff: Maudie

PG (Violence & sex scenes) - 1hr 56mins

Wed 30 Aug:  11:00am
Sat 2 Sep:  3:45pm

Nziff: Mountain

TBC - 1hr 14mins

Sun 10 Sep:  6:00pm
Tue 19 Sep:  1:30pm
Wed 20 Sep:  6:15pm

Nziff: My Life As A Courgette

PG (Sexual references) - 1hr 6mins

Thu 7 Sep:  2:00pm
Mon 11 Sep:  6:15pm
Fri 15 Sep:  2:15pm

Nziff: New Zealand's Best 2017

R16 (Violence, offensive language) - 1hr 15mins

Wed 30 Aug:  6:15pm
Thu 31 Aug:  1:45pm

Nziff: Ng? Whanaunga M?ori Pasifika Shorts 2017

TBC (TBC) - 1hr 31mins

Fri 8 Sep:  1:45pm
Sat 9 Sep:  4:00pm

Nziff: Patti Cake$

TBC - 1hr 48mins

Fri 15 Sep:  8:30pm
Wed 20 Sep:  4:00pm

Nziff: Pop Eye

M (Sex scenes, sexual references & offensive language) - 1hr 42mins

Wed 13 Sep:  6:15pm
Thu 14 Sep:  4:00pm

Nziff: Risk

TBC - 1hr 33mins

Wed 6 Sep:  8:30pm
Tue 12 Sep:  1:30pm

Nziff: Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World

TBC - 1hr 42mins

Fri 25 Aug:  1:45pm
Wed 30 Aug:  8:00pm

Nziff: Step

TBC - 1hr 23mins

Sat 16 Sep:  6:30pm
Mon 18 Sep:  4:15pm

Nziff: Summer 1993

PG (Adult themes) - 1hr 37mins

Fri 25 Aug:  11:30am
Sat 26 Aug:  4:00pm
Tue 29 Aug:  6:15pm

Nziff: Swallows And Amazons

PG (Low Level Violence) - 1hr 37mins

Sun 3 Sep:  11:00am
Tue 5 Sep:  1:30pm

Nziff: That's Not Me

M (Sex scenes, offensive language, drug use) - 1hr 26mins

Thu 24 Aug:  6:15pm
Tue 29 Aug:  4:15pm

Nziff: The Beguiled

TBC - 1hr 34mins

Thu 24 Aug:  11:30am
Sat 26 Aug:  6:00pm
Fri 1 Sep:  6:15pm

Nziff: The Farthest

TBC - 2hrs 1min

Sun 3 Sep:  1:15pm
Sun 10 Sep:  11:15am
Thu 14 Sep:  11:30am

Nziff: The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

TBC - 2hrs 5mins

Tue 5 Sep:  8:30pm
Thu 7 Sep:  3:30pm
Wed 13 Sep:  8:30pm

Nziff: The Lost City Of Z

M (Violence and offensive language) - 2hrs 21mins

Mon 11 Sep:  7:45pm
Fri 15 Sep:  11:30am
Sat 16 Sep:  8:30pm

Nziff: The Midwife

PG (Coarse Language) - 1hr 57mins

Thu 7 Sep:  11:30am
Sun 10 Sep:  1:45pm
Sat 16 Sep:  4:00pm

Nziff: The Other Side Of Hope

M - 1hr 38mins

Sat 9 Sep:  6:00pm
Tue 12 Sep:  6:00pm
Wed 13 Sep:  4:00pm

Nziff: The Party

M (Violence, offensive language & drug use) - 1hr 11mins

Fri 25 Aug:  6:15pm
Mon 28 Aug:  11:45am
Thu 31 Aug:  6:15pm

Nziff: The Square

M (violence, sexual violence, sex scenes and offensive language) - 2hrs

Sun 17 Sep:  7:45pm
Tue 19 Sep:  3:15pm
Wed 20 Sep:  8:00pm

Nziff: The Teacher

M (Offensive language and Nudity) - 1hr 42mins

Thu 24 Aug:  1:45pm
Mon 28 Aug:  8:15pm

Nziff: The Untamed

R16 (Violence, nudity, sex scenes, offensive language & content that may disturb) - 1hr 40mins

Sun 27 Aug:  8:00pm
Mon 28 Aug:  4:00pm

Nziff: The Workshop

M (drug use, offensive language) - 1hr 54mins

Wed 6 Sep:  6:15pm
Mon 11 Sep:  11:30am

Nziff: Unrest

TBC - 1hr 37mins

Sat 26 Aug:  12:00pm
Mon 4 Sep:  11:30am

Nziff; No Ordinary Sheila

R16 (drug use, offensive language) - 1hr 38mins

Sat 16 Sep:  2:00pm
Sun 17 Sep:  3:00pm
Mon 18 Sep:  2:00pm

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