Lido Cinema Hamilton Session Times

Lady Bird

R13 (Drug use, sex scenes & offensive language.) - 1hr 34mins

Wed 21 Feb:  3:45pm, 5:45pm
Thu 22 Feb:  10:40am, 3:40pm, 5:55pm
Fri 23 Feb:  10:40am, 3:40pm, 5:55pm
Sat 24 Feb:  3:30pm, 7:50pm
Sun 25 Feb:  2:00pm, 6:55pm
Mon 26 Feb:  1:15pm, 5:55pm
Tue 27 Feb:  10:40am, 3:40pm, 5:55pm
Wed 28 Feb:  10:40am, 3:40pm, 5:55pm

Phantom Thread

M (Offensive Language) - 2hrs 10mins

Wed 21 Feb:  7:45pm
Thu 22 Feb:  12:40pm, 7:55pm
Fri 23 Feb:  12:40pm, 7:55pm
Sat 24 Feb:  11:30am, 5:15pm
Sun 25 Feb:  11:20am, 4:20pm
Mon 26 Feb:  10:40am, 7:55pm
Tue 27 Feb:  12:40pm, 7:55pm
Wed 28 Feb:  12:40pm, 7:55pm

The Post

M (Offensive Language) - 1hr 56mins

Thu 22 Feb:  10:50am
Fri 23 Feb:  10:50am
Sat 24 Feb:  10:40am
Tue 27 Feb:  10:50am
Wed 28 Feb:  10:50am

The Shape of Water

R16 (Violence, horror, sex scenes & offensive language) - 2hrs 3mins

Wed 21 Feb:  8:15pm
Thu 22 Feb:  3:15pm, 8:15pm
Fri 23 Feb:  3:15pm, 8:15pm
Sat 24 Feb:  8:10pm
Sun 25 Feb:  6:30pm
Mon 26 Feb:  3:15pm, 8:15pm
Tue 27 Feb:  3:15pm, 8:15pm
Wed 28 Feb:  3:15pm, 8:15pm

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

R16 (Violence, rape themes, suicide & offensive language.) - 1hr 55mins

Wed 21 Feb:  5:55pm
Thu 22 Feb:  1:25pm, 8:25pm
Fri 23 Feb:  1:25pm, 8:25pm
Sat 24 Feb:  3:45pm, 8:25pm
Sun 25 Feb:  5:45pm
Mon 26 Feb:  1:25pm, 8:25pm
Tue 27 Feb:  1:25pm, 8:25pm
Wed 28 Feb:  1:25pm, 8:25pm

Darkest Hour

PG (Coarse Language) - 2hrs 5mins

Wed 21 Feb:  6:05pm
Thu 22 Feb:  1:10pm, 5:45pm
Fri 23 Feb:  1:10pm, 5:45pm
Sat 24 Feb:  1:00pm, 5:40pm
Sun 25 Feb:  11:00am, 1:30pm
Mon 26 Feb:  11:25am, 5:45pm
Tue 27 Feb:  1:10pm, 5:45pm
Wed 28 Feb:  1:10pm, 5:45pm

220 Miles

TBC - 2hrs

Wed 14 Mar:  8:00pm

Bolshoi: Romeo and Juliet

TBC - 2hrs 30mins

Sun 25 Mar:  10:40am
Wed 28 Mar:  2:00pm

Call Me By Your Name

RP13 (Sex scenes) - 2hrs 11mins

Sat 24 Feb:  2:30pm

Fff: 9 The Movie

M (Offensive language & sexual references) - 1hr 38mins

Sat 31 Mar:  2:00pm
Tue 10 Apr:  11:00am

Fff: A Woman Is A Woman

PG (Nudity & coarse language) - 1hr 24mins

Mon 2 Apr:  8:30pm

Fff: Aurore

M (Sex scenes, offensive language & nudity) - 1hr 29mins

Fri 23 Mar:  11:00am
Sat 31 Mar:  4:10pm
Thu 5 Apr:  8:20pm

Fff: Ava

TBC - 1hr 45mins

Sat 24 Mar:  4:10pm
Wed 4 Apr:  6:00pm

Fff: Back To Burgundy

M (Sex Scenes & Offensive Language) - 1hr 53mins

Sun 25 Mar:  5:20pm
Wed 28 Mar:  11:00am
Sat 7 Apr:  1:25pm

Fff: Barbara

M - 1hr 37mins

Sat 24 Mar:  2:00pm
Sun 1 Apr:  5:25pm

Fff: Belle & Sebastion: Friends For Life

PG (Violence) - 1hr 37mins

Mon 2 Apr:  11:00am

Fff: Bloody Milk

M (Offensive language & content that may disturb) - 1hr 30mins

Sat 24 Mar:  6:25pm

Fff: Bpm (beats Per Minute)

M (Sex scenes & offensive language) - 2hrs 24mins

Fri 30 Mar:  3:50pm

Fff: C'est La Vie

M (Offensive language) - 1hr 57mins

Thu 22 Mar:  7:45pm
Sun 1 Apr:  11:05am
Fri 6 Apr:  3:45pm

Fff: Dalida

M (Adult themes) - 2hrs 4mins

Mon 26 Mar:  5:50pm
Tue 3 Apr:  11:00am

Fff: Double Lover

R18 (Violence, sexual violence, sex scenes & content that may disturb) - 1hr 47mins

Mon 26 Mar:  8:30pm
Fri 6 Apr:  11:00am

Fff: Dr. Knock

PG (Violence, sexual references, coarse language & nudity) - 1hr 53mins

Fri 23 Mar:  3:40pm
Wed 28 Mar:  6:00pm

Fff: Faces Places

TBC - 1hr 29mins

Fri 30 Mar:  11:00am

Fff: Gauguin

M (Nudity & sex scenes) - 1hr 42mins

Fri 30 Mar:  6:45pm
Mon 9 Apr:  11:00am

Fff: Ismael's Ghosts

TBC - 1hr 54mins

Tue 27 Mar:  8:30pm
Wed 4 Apr:  11:00am

Fff: Jealous

M (Offensive language) - 1hr 42mins

Thu 29 Mar:  11:00am
Sun 8 Apr:  7:10pm

Fff: Makala

TBC - 1hr 36mins

Thu 5 Apr:  6:00pm

Fff: Montparnasse Bienvenue

M (Violence, offensive language & nudity) - 1hr 37mins

Sun 8 Apr:  5:00pm

Fff: Mrs. Hyde

M (Offensive language & horror) - 1hr 35mins

Wed 11 Apr:  7:45pm

Fff: Number One

M (Offensive language) - 1hr 50mins

Tue 27 Mar:  11:00am
Mon 9 Apr:  6:00pm

Fff: Orchestra Class

M (Offensive language & sexual references) - 1hr 42mins

Sun 8 Apr:  11:05am

Fff: Redoubtable

M (Violence, offensive language, sex scenes & nudity) - 1hr 47mins

Fri 23 Mar:  6:00pm
Sat 7 Apr:  3:45pm

Fff: Reinventing Marvin

R13 (Sexual violence, sex scenes & offensive language) - 1hr 55mins

Thu 29 Mar:  6:00pm

Fff: Return Of The Hero

M (Sex scenes) - 1hr 30mins

Mon 26 Mar:  11:00am
Sat 31 Mar:  6:10pm
Mon 9 Apr:  8:20pm

Fff: Rodin

M (Nudity & sexual references) - 1hr 59mins

Mon 2 Apr:  6:00pm

Fff: See You Up There

R13 (Violence, sex scenes & content that may disturb) - 1hr 57mins

Thu 29 Mar:  8:30pm
Tue 3 Apr:  8:30pm

Fff: The Big Bad Fox And Other Tales

G - 1hr 23mins

Sun 25 Mar:  11:05am

Fff: The Brigade

M (Sex scenes & offensive language) - 1hr 30mins

Tue 10 Apr:  8:30pm

Fff: The Exes

M (Sexual references) - 1hr 24mins

Sun 1 Apr:  7:30pm
Thu 5 Apr:  11:00am

Fff: The Guardians

PG (Violence & sex scenes) - 2hrs 14mins

Sun 25 Mar:  7:45pm

Fff: This Is Our Land

M (Violence & offensive language) - 1hr 58mins

Sat 7 Apr:  6:00pm

Fff: Tour De France

M (Offensive language & sexual references) - 1hr 35mins

Fri 6 Apr:  6:15pm
Wed 11 Apr:  11:00am

Finding Your Feet

M (Offensive Language, Sexual References & Drug Use) - 1hr 51mins

Thu 22 Feb:  11:10am, 3:50pm, 6:10pm
Fri 23 Feb:  11:10am, 3:50pm, 6:10pm
Sat 24 Feb:  11:00am, 1:25pm, 6:10pm
Sun 25 Feb:  10:45am, 1:05pm, 3:25pm
Mon 26 Feb:  11:10am, 3:50pm, 6:10pm
Tue 27 Feb:  11:10am, 3:50pm, 6:10pm
Wed 28 Feb:  11:10am, 3:50pm, 6:10pm

I, Tonya

R16 (Domestic violence, sexual violence, sex scenes & offensive language) - 2hrs

Wed 21 Feb:  8:30pm

Met Opera 2017-18 Season: The Exterminating Angel

TBC - 2hrs 52mins

Sun 11 Mar:  4:00pm
Wed 14 Mar:  1:45pm

NT Live: Salome

R13 (Violence, sexual violence & content that may disturb.) - 1hr 54mins

Sun 25 Feb:  4:00pm
Mon 26 Feb:  2:00pm

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